Netbooks are a Norwegian Blue

Digitimes claims to have found proof that netbooks will be extinct by the end of the year.

The Taiwanese magazine, whose hacks have named their computers “Supply Chain sources” so that they can quote them, said that Asustek Computer has announced the death of is Eee PC product line from the end of 2012, while Acer also has no plans to release more netbook products, the netbook market will officially end after the two vendors finish digesting their remaining inventories before burping out an announcement.

That is not quite true as  Asustek and Acer are still competing in the netbook market, although they are mainly selling to emerging markets such as countries in Southeast Asia and South America.

Acer’s Atom N2600-based 10-inch netbook is priced at less than $258, while Asustek’s Eee PC 1015CX is about the same price.  However the products are unlikely to last much longer, according to “supply chain sauces”.

According to Digitimes the plan appears to be to replace netbooks with entry level notebooks and hope that tablets will take up any slack.