Nazomi sues, and sues again

A raft of companies has been summoned to attend a hearing at a California district court for allegedly breaching a number of patents.

The number of the patents that it’s alleged have been infringed is two, while the number of defendants is nine, to wit Nokia, Microsoft, Amazon, Western Digital, Garmin, Sling Media, Vizio and Iomega.

Nazomi describes itself as being founded in September 1998 by three Java technology and embedded systems veterans for the purpose of enhancing the performance of apps running on Java and other “universal runtime platforms”.

This isn’t the first time Nazomi has filed suit. We wrote in December 2009 in TG Daily that a number of companies had been sued by the firm. That case was filed in a Texas district court. We’ve no idea why such a similar suit is being filed in a different state.