Nanya getting into 20 nanometre

63-CH3SNAS_DRAMNanya Technology is raising the cash to convert its 12-inch production to a 20nm process.

Company president Pei Ing Lee told Digitimes that Kingston and another Taiwan-based DRAM module firm have expressed interests partnering in the project.

Nanya wanted to raise funds in early 2015, but postponed it because the market really was not up to it. DRAM prices have been falling for a while and this has dragged down the worldwide output in value in 2015. Making more DRAM this year was a silly idea.

What makes it worse is that Nanya and other DRAM makers were optimistic about 2015, but actual market conditions were worse than expected.┬áNanya will move to speed up its transition to a “die-shrink” 30nm node technology, Lee indicated.

Nanya has converted 40 percent of the company’s total wafer start capacity to the process, and the proportion will exceed 50 percent in the fourth quarter.

Lee noted that PC DRAM prices remain under downward pressure in the fourth quarter of 2015, but end-market demand is picking up. Nevertheless, customers are still engaged in inventory adjustments, Lee said.

Nanya said it had consolidated revenues of US$320 million for the third quarter of 2015, down 7.3 percent sequentially. During the quarter, Nanya’s bit shipments increased by 0.9 percent.