Nadella set to replace Ballmer

Software king of the world Microsoft is about to announce Satya Nadella as the replacement for the shy and soon to be retiring Steve Ballmer.

Nadella is Vole’s top cloud expert and had been a bookie’s favourite for the top post. He is a rising star in the Volehill and hails from Hyderabad. He was promoted to run the company’s  cloud computing initiatives in July last year as part of  CEO Steve “There’s a kind of Hush”  Ballmer’s radical re-organisation of the company.

Reuters claims that its deep throat has named Nadella and hinted that Bill Gates might even step aside as chairman. If Gates goes he will be replaced by lead independent director John Thompson. He will remain a director. While Gates has been doing less at Microsoft of late, his stepping down, along with the appointment of a new chairman would mean a major shake-up of the Volehill.

Nadella was born in 1967 and educated in India and the United States. He started at Sun Microsystems and joined Microsoft in 1992. Nadella had leading roles in the Office and Bling search engine teams.

He was promoted to run the company’s server and tools unit in 2011 and his unit forms the backbone of Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform. Nadella’s official title is executive vice president, cloud and enterprise.

However there are some questions here. With Steve and perhaps Bill gone, Microsoft is starting to look more like IBM every day. Some investors had been hoping for someone who might be more likely to shake up the company and reward shareholders with greater dividends and share buybacks. Nadella, while being seen as a solid choice backed by John Thompson is just… well… dull.

Nadella has little experience of working with Wall Street and Ballmer and Gates did not prioritize it. Gates would likely focus on technical innovation in any new role, the source said.

Ballmer was reelected to the board in November, but it is not clear how long he will remain there after retirement, the source said.In fact when the rumour was made clear we misheard it and thought Nigella had been appointed, which would certainly have been a lot more interesting.