Music and film industry wants end to net neutrality

Just when you think that you could not love the music and film industry more, it seems that they can come out with a statement that makes them look like dinosaurs who blame the Internet for the loss of the fact they can’t make the obscene amounts of cash that they used to.

While the sane world, sees that net neutrality is vital for the development of humanity, the RIAA has penned a letter to  Google to call on its aid to squash it like a bug.

The reason is that the RIAA hopes to stamp out file sharing at the level of telcos and ISPs. Both would like to do something to stop file shares sucking up their tubes with downloaded content and the RIAA would like to knock the whole filesharing thing out completely.

However if telcos and ISPs are forced to obey net neutrality laws, they will not be able to interfere with people’s downloads.

In a letter sent to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the RIAA and other music trade groups claim that failure to allow for this sort of file sharing in any net neutrality laws would lead to an internet of “chaos.”

“The music community we represent believes it is vital that any Internet policy initiative permit and encourage ISPs and other intermediaries to take measures to deter unlawful activity such as copyright infringement and child pornography,” says the letter.

Notice the use of child pornography as the industry’s trump card? In fact the RIAA does not give a monkey’s about kiddie porn and even if it did, it is not exactly its remit. However, it does mean that if you refuse to do what the RIAA says, you are helping paedophiles which no one wants to do.   

“We all share the goal of a robust Internet that is highly accessible, secure and safe for individuals and commerce. An Internet predicated on order, rather than chaos, facilitates achievement of this goal,” the letter goes on.

By portraying the internet as chaos, the RIAA hopes that it will be seen as the forces of order, stability, the family and good conservative “values”. This made it easier to justify dragging kids and old people into court on file sharing charges and blackmailing college kids with threats of a rap sheet unless they forked out large sums of money.   It is the sort of order and morals that Google is now mixing with since it has abandoned its blanket crusade for net neutrality.