Murdoch threatens to sue the Google empire

An article in New York Magazine has revealed the fear and loathing with which newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch regards the Googleplex and all its works and trumps.

The campaign is likened to Julius Caesar’s attack against the Gauls – a lengthy piece of Latin prose which many a poor schoolchild was forced to read in the 1960s.

Murdoch has threatened to charge for all online content, a move greeted with some derision in interweb circles, mainly because few would be found who would pay for the Current Bun’s content online, although the Wall Street Journal is a different kettle of content fish.

In the magazine, here, it says News Corp has threatened to sue Google if talks with the company break down. An unnamed media executive said Murdoch doesn’t trust Google in the slightest.

The article further suggests that Murdoch hasn’t really got his fingers on the digital pulse. He is a print man through and through, apparently. And apparently he used to love Google. Oh well.