Multiven thinks ex-Cisco employee arrest was a set-up

The case of Cisco and US lawmakers vs Peter Alfred-Adekeye has taken a turn with heavyweight accusations against the network giant levied by the accused’s colleagues.

The latest claims are that Cisco cleverly manipulated the arrest of the Multiven founder in order to settle up an ongoing lawsuit. Cisco says that’s “absurd”.  

Mr Alfred-Adekeye left Cisco back in 2005 and set up two rival companies. In 2008, his first company – Multiven – sued Cisco claiming it forced owners of products such as routers, switches and firewalls to buy into SMARTnet contracts to get regular software updates and bug fixes.

He claimed that as Cisco only gave updates and bug fixes to SMARTnet customers, and not to third parties, the company blocked the way for independent companies from servicing its equipment.

In May last year Mr Alfred-Adekeye was arrested by police in Vancouver for allegedly hacking into Cisco’s computers and stealing private information. He has been charged by the US department of justice with 97 counts of hacking and using the information for financial gain.

Now his Multiven employees are standing by their man.  Deka Yussuf, an executive vice president, said that although after the arrest last May Cisco and Multiven settled the civil case in July  Cisco is behind the entire criminal case. He tells Network World that this is “Cisco’s retaliation to the landmark antitrust lawsuit that Multiven brought against Cisco,”

He added that it was his belief that Cisco had “engineered this entire criminal arrest and litigation against Adekeye to force Multiven to settle.”

Multiven’s case against Cisco was ready to go to court, and Yussuf suggests it’s no coincidenceAlfred-Adekeye has been arrested. Cisco dismissed that as “absurd”.

Cisco added that the case is “a matter between US and Canadian governmental authorities”.