Mozilla hunts hate speech employee

KKK-1000x600Big Cheeses in the Mozzarella Foundation are hunting for an anonymous employee who posted hate speech on a social notworking site.

An anonymous person with the handle “aioyama “ complained about “social justice bullies” on Reddit effectively saying that the outfit was relieved to lose community organizer Christie Koehler.

Koehler had left complaining about Mozilla’s lack of diversity in the workplace and its failure to address accessibility issues.

The Reddit user cheered Koehler’s exit. “Frankly everyone was glad to see the back of Christie Koehler. She was batshit insane and permanently offended at everything. When she and the rest of her blue-haired nose-pierced asshole feminists are gone, the tech industry will breathe a sigh of relief.”

However the comment miffed Mozilla CEO Chris Beard who said that the person had crossed the line from criticism to hate speech.

Beard said the remarks indicated a discomfort with diversity that he would not tolerate and if he finds out who they are, then the will be escorted from the building with their belongings in a photocopy box.

Being identified as a backward misogynistic organisation adapted for life in the civil war south is a sore spot for Mozilla.    Its CEO resigned last year amid outrage he supported groups that opposed gay marriage.

Beard said the person was “not welcome to continue to participate in the Mozilla project. It is not who we are.”

Sorry Chris, if a former CEO was a homophobe, the person you hired to improve diversity leaves in frustration and your staff cheers, you might be sitting on a bigger problem.  You might think that “it is not who we are” but evidence suggests otherwise.