Motorola flat, Siemens recuperating

Yank maker of handsets Motorola saw net sales stay flat year-over-year. In the second quarter, net sales were worth $5.4 billion, compared to $5.5 billion one year ago.

However, sales were better than in the first quarter, in which they amounted to $5.04 billion. Motorola’s net profit grew from $26 million to $162 million year-over-year.

Business segment mobile devices accounted for revenues of $1.72 billion, six percent less than one year ago. Sales in the home unit decreased by 13 percent, from $1.01 billion to $886 million. The networks division also saw its revenues drop and contracted two percent, from $988 million to $967 million. Enterprise mobility solutions was the only segment which showed growth, rising by ten percent to $1.85 billion.

Last week, Nokia Siemens Networks said it would buy most of Motorola’s networks unit for a sum of $1.2 billion in order to bolster its business. As for mobile phones, Motorola has high hopes for its newest, Android-based handsets Droid X and Motoblur, which were recently launched.

Siemens, a corporation of mixed pickles, said both revenues and new orders went hand in hand towards strawberry fields for the first time in a year. Revenue was €19.17 billion in the third quarter, an increase of four percent compared to last year. The amount of new orders grew 22 percent, from €17.16 billion to €20.88 billion. Orders grew strongest in Germany (44 percent), the USA (40 percent) and the Americas (35 percent). Orders from China grew by 29 percent, whereas India decreased by 20 percent.

Siemens’ IT Solutions and Services division incurred a loss €81 million in the third quarter, after a profit of €19 million one year ago. Revenue in the unit decreased by eight percent, falling from €1.1 billon to €1.05 billion. New orders contracted, too, falling from €1.1 billion to €993 million. Siemens states it had charge €38 million due to losing a contract and added it expects “substantial changes in coming quarters,” as it will be cutting its workforce.

The German corporation said it expects its total sectors profit for the fiscal year to be higher than last year’s €7.47 billion, after previously expecting €6 billion to €6.5 billion.