Motorola accused of poisoning workers and their kids

Maker of the Razr phone, Motorola has been accused of poisoning its workers and their children.

According to the Sun Times, a group of former Motorola workers and their children claimed toxic substances used to make Motorola products caused serious birth defects in at least 30 children born to workers employed by the company since the 1960s. More than  71 people have filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court.

The workers and their kids claim that Motorola knew that chemicals it used were toxic and caused birth defects.

The chemicals were used to make semiconductors and computer chips in sterile “clean rooms”.

More than 30 kids of the employees suffer from physical and developmental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, spina bifida, sterility and brain malformations,.

Many children also suffer from physical or skeletal deformities, including two born missing an ear, the suit claims.

Their parents worked at various Motorola plants between 1965 and 2007. The outfit is accused of not seeing the need to provide protective gear to workers in the “clean rooms” where the chemicals were being circulated in the air.

In 1986,  a study by IBM and Johns Hopkins University showed workplace exposure to the chemicals, solvents, metals and other compounds could cause serious reproductive harm. 

Trade associations, occupational safety institutes and chemical manufacturers warned customers and manufacturers about potential harm associated with the products.