Most manufacturers turn to the cloud

No cloudsAs many as 41 percent of manufacturers in the USA access IT resources using cloud computing.

That forms part of the result of a worldwide survey conducted by IDC which notes that despite IT spending on the decline, manufacturers are taking cloud computing very seriously indeed.

IDC said that the advantages of the cloud for manufacturers are important because of cost and speed. As many as 50 percent of the companies it surveyed in Europe are seriously readying cloud adoption – and 49 percent in Asia are taking the same ations.

The report said the majority of manufacturers across the globe are using public or private cloud for more than two applications.

IDC estimates that cloud computing will become the de facto standard for manufacturing over the next 10 years, with many relying on them to run their businesses.

It’s not clear which vendors are likely to benefit the most from this move to cloud computing – there is no standard but the major players have already positioned themselves to grab the increased business.