More saucy details emerge over Hurd saga

The saga over the departure of former Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd seems to be refusing to away – with more allegations about his relationship with soft porn star Jodie Fisher emerging over the weekend.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal called “Accuser Said Hurd Leaked an H-P Deal”, Fisher’s lawyer is said to have sent a letter to Hurd back in June that contained an “explosive allegation”.

The letter from celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred alleged that Hurd told Fisher of HP’s plan to buy EDS while at a Madrid meeting that began near the end of March, according to the WSJ. HP revealed the $13.9 billion deal in May.

While the report says directors at HP had little reason to doubt Hurd’s assurance that this allegation was false, it suggests they “lost confidence he was being honest with them about his relationship with Ms Fisher”.

For example, the report states that Hurd had told directors he didn’t know Fisher acted in adult films. But investigators hired by HP discovered he had been peering at pictures online showing Fisher in pornographic scenes, including a site called

Meanwhile, the letter included an eight-page chronology of meetings between the two in hotels around the world. At some, people who’d seen the letter told the WSJ, it alleged Hurd sexually harassed Fisher, “in certain cases touching her body in sexually suggestive ways”.

The WSJ said the letter set off a chain of events, including much wrangling from the board over what to do about the situation.

It ended with Hurd and Fisher signing a pact that included a confidentiality agreement – and Fisher writing another letter declaring there were “many inaccuracies” in the earlier letter.

Hurd is said to have made a financial settlement with Fisher that was “de minimis”.

Soon after Hurd left HP, he was hired by Oracle.