More moaning Microsofties come out of the woodwork

Last week Microsoft was trying to play down comments by one of its former executives that the outfit had become a place where bright ideas were killed off by a Byzantine system and middle management intrigues.

However it is starting to look like more moaning Microsofties are crawling out of the woodwork to attack the outfit.

Beta news has been collecting a file of the moaning and is coming to the conclusion that middling, middle managers run Microsoft.

One 13 year veteran said that phrases like “Killed over politics,” “Deeply dysfunctional family” and “Poor worker bees” all get used a lot among staff.

One said that it became clear to him that Microsoft had turned the corner. While there were still a lot of smart people beavering away on various projects, but they were largely hamstrung by multiple levels of largely ineffective management.

The intellectual rigor demonstrated by much of the management was sadly lacking. In some ways it was funny, but mostly depressing, one told beta news.

When he started at MSFT in 1996, there were six people between me and Bill Gates. In 2009, there were 13 people between him and Steve Ballmer.

“There are good managers at MSFT. I’ve seen them. There just aren’t very many, and they’re swimming against an internally focused, reward-driven culture that puts the highest value on visibility,” he said.