Mobile connectivity has workers sleep deprived

According to a new survey from enterprise wi-fi outfit iPass, employees are increasingly troublingly attached to their mobile devices.

In its Mobile Workforce Report, of the workers surveyed, 59 percent said they would feel “disoriented, distraught or lonely” if they didn’t have a smartphone on them for a week.

Despite their smartphone addictions, the survey reports that on average, mobile-enabled employees tend to waste just 28 minutes a day with all the distractions smartphones bring. According to the survey, the top three most time consuming distractions are work email, technical problems and using social media.

The report says that tablet ownership has reached 44 percent of mobile employees, an increase from the 33 percent in the second quarter of this year.

Another trend is another nail in RIM’s coffin. iPass has recorded the iPhone taking preferential place over RIM’s Blackberry smartphones in the enterprise. 

Mobile workers – that is, workers who are connected when away from their desk – are suffering for their jobs. The report says one in three workers don’t get enough sleep because of their job and one in four sleep under six hours a night. An always-on environment means over half of workers surveyed said they either exercise very erratically or not at all. 60 percent blamed that on their jobs.

Evan Kaplan, CEO of iPass, said mobile employees work roughly 240 more hours a year than non-mobile counterparts. It seems the freedom escaping the shackles of a 9-5 office desk job is making us more of a slave to our work.