Mixed messages sent out on AMD's six-core supply

There are rumours floating about in Taipei that AMD’s six-core processor supply is falling short because of its caution when placing orders, reports Digitimes

Digitimes reckons that while the six-core processors were strong in the second quarter of this year and have boosted demand for 800-series motherboards, the shortage of the six-cores themselves have affected sales and had an impact on the supply schedule of quad-core CPUs like the Phenom II 960T.

We rang up a couple of disties to see what they made of it. Ingram Micro told us that it hasn’t heard anything of the sort.

The official word from the EMEA team at AMD is that due to demand supply has been tight as anything. However a spokesperson for AMD assures us that the company has ongoing supply, hasn’t heard of any shortages and doesn’t anticipate any either. What’s the story!? We’ll have to keep an eye open.