Ministry of Justice signs £14 million, five-year cloud contract

With all that dosh saved from the austerity measures, the Ministry of Justice has signed a five year contract with IT services outfit Savvis, once infamously known for its then-execs running up a $241,000 bill in a New York strip club.

Savvis’ contract will cost the MoJ £14 million. It’ll provide access to its “Government Wide Service,” which, according to Savvis, is an infrastructure-as-a-service platform which will support the MoJ’s shared services program. Basically the contract is going to see the implementation of a cloud-based IT operations and services programme, like the Home Office is already.

It’ll use Savvis’ platform for its Enterprise Resource Planning system – the MoJ’s system designed by Steria and put in place by Accenture which will look after financial IT such as payrolls, human resources and purchase, penned in for full operation early 2013.

The idea, says Savvis, is that the clunky MoJ will cast aside upfront capital for new projects as well as cutting down on deployment times. IT departments and suppliers, says Savvis, will benefit because the infrastructure will be in place for use straight away, “rather than the costly procurement, maintenance and management of hardware”.

Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman recently slammed the term “cloud computing” as a marketing buzzword aimed to confuse customers.