Ministry of Justice handed HP £121 million in supplier budget

HP scooped a seven percent chunk of the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) 2009 – 2010 supplier budget.

According to an FOI request looking at the MOJ’s spend with its top 100 suppliers, this meant that the company managed to get £121 million out of the government, coming second to security services company G4S. Serco came sixth with £111 million worth of spending, taking nearly five percent of the MoJ’s total £2.3 billion spend.

Capgemini seems to be making a good living off the government. Not only did it bag 44 percent of the HMRC’s spending budget in 2009 -2010, but the MOJ handed it £9 million too.

Atos Origin received a £107 million payment, while Steria was paid £96 million. Logica got £87 million and BT and Fujitsu got £19 million and £13 million respectively.

IBM scooped £8 million and £5 million each went to Capita, Cable and Wireless and Oracle.

According to Kable, the figures differ in proportion to those released recently by the Cabinet Office for May to September of this year which showed that the government department  spent only £223,646 with HP and £45.8m with Serco during that period.