Mike Lynch joins top Autonomy execs in abandoning HP

Under Apotheker’s brief rule, British software company, Autonomy, got sold to HP for a staggering amount of money that some of the competition believed to be a ridiculous price tag. Now its founder, Mike Lynch, is leaving Hewlett-Packard, reports TechWeek Europe. He isn’t the only one.

Describing HP as ‘too bureaucratic’, he is joined by other former execs who were absorbed into the Hewlett-Packard machine. The Guardian talked to someone familiar with the matter, the matter being Lynch, who said the entrepreneur is “not going away”. He “still has entrepreneurial ambitions,” according to the source.  The $11 billion Autonomy sale certainly won’t hamper those.

HP has found itself in a tricky position. It announced that it would cut eight percent of its total workforce following disappointing results, and a report on our sister site ChannelBiz UK revealed that the company had been desperately clawing at deals for its ink products – something one partner described as going ‘down the toilet’.

Of course, there is also the case of Leo ‘You’ve Got To Pick Apotheker Two’ Apotheker declaring that the company would demolish its PC business, its old CEO Mark Hurd implicating himself in a soft porn star expenses scandal, and the whole Itanic battle with Oracle.

The Autonomy staff who are leaving could well prove to leave behind a phantom spanner in the works. It’s difficult to do a job when the management have located greener pastures.

Since the takeover, here’s a list of some Autonomy execs who have jumped ship:

Sushovan Hussein, President

Steve Chamberlain, CFO

Pete Menell, CTO

Nicole Eagan, CMO

Andy Kanter, COO

Martina King, Head of Aurasma