Microsoft’s job cuts are going to be nasty

It is starting to look like the expected job cuts in Redmond are going to be severe and a lot worse than those announced by Steve Ballmer in 2009.

Ballmer made the controversial decision to release 5,800 voles back into the wild with many saying that slimming down was not needed.

Now it looks like Chief Executive Officer Satya Nade’s cuts are going to be much worse. Part of his cuts will be as a result of integrating Nokia Oyj’s handset unit. More than a thousand Nokia workers are expected to be given their P45s and pink slips.

Rumours are that the reductions will probably be in engineering, marketing and areas of overlap with Nokia.

Nadella, who took over from Steve Ballmer in February, flagged the cuts last week and said that Vole would have to become more focused and efficient.

His first company mission statement called for greater emphasis on mobile devices, cloud computing and productivity software as consumers and businesses buy fewer personal computers to check e-mail, browse the Web and access data and software.

“Nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture,” Nadella said.

Some of the job cuts will be in marketing departments for businesses such as the global Xbox team, said the people. The European Xbox team is based in Reading, UK.

The company had 127,104 employees as of June 5, after adding about 30,000 in its acquisition of Nokia’s handset unit.