Microsoft wasted too many years on Vista

Shy and retiring, and very softly spoken Microsoft CEO Steve “there is a kind of hush” Ballmer has confessed to a room full of other CEO’s that he wished he had not wasted so much time trying to develop Vista.

Speaking before more than a hundred of his fellow hugely paid, suited chums, Ballmer said that Microsoft spent far too many years building the Windows Vista operating system.

According to the Seattle Times, Ballmer  said that Vista had been too big a task and Microsoft wound up losing thousands of man hours of “innovation”.

Steve mused quietly on the time frame for research and development and he wondered out loud how long a company should wait before it gave up the ghost on a turkey project.

“What is the right window for innovation? Six months? Ten years? Three years? We have bet on things that are too far in the future,” he said.

He did not say what they were.  The tame Apple press claim it was the fact that Microsoft spent a small fortune developing the tablet while the launch of Apple’s  iPad this year was “right on time”.

However, Ballmer said that Microsoft had been right on the ball with its Xbox video-game system.

Currently he is still betting the farm on cloud computing.  He said the cloud is where everyone will work.

He said millions of consumers are already using cloud-computing services such as on-demand movies, Facebook and iPhone apps.

But Ballmer admitted that many businesses are hesitating saying that they were not willing to trust their business yet,’ ” he said.  So maybe cloud computing is another Vista.