Microsoft wants tougher cloud laws

Software king Microsoft has called on governments throughout the world to come up with some tough laws on cloud based computer systems.

The Mighty Microsoft Machine (MMM) says that security on such systems was an issue of utmost importance and is urging the US Congress to enact legislation that will protect consumers and provide the government with the ability to deal with cloud computing data privacy and security.

Microsoft senior vice president Brad Smith said in prepared remarks to the Brookings Institution’s policy forum, Cloud Computing for Business and Society that laws needed to be modernised and adapted to the cloud. New new measures needed to be adopted to protect privacy and promote security.

He said that there was no doubt that the future holds even more opportunities, but it also contains critical challenges that we must address now if the world wants to take full advantage of the potential of cloud computing.

MMM has called for improvements in privacy protection and data access rules to ensure users’ privacy. This includes the modernisation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act so law enforcement can go after malicious hackers. It also wants truth-in-cloud-computing principles to ensure that consumers and businesses will know whether and how their information will be accessed and used by service providers, as well as how it will be protected.