Microsoft to license Nokia brand to Foxconn

nokia-in-advanced-talks-to-acquire-alcatel-lucents-wireless-business-reportsMicrosoft is going to license the Nokia brand to Foxconn and shut down its operations.

Microsoft and Nokia struck a deal in 2014 and the terms of acquisition read that the Windows developer owns full rights for the Nokia brand for smartphones until 2024.

Vole gutted the Nokia brand and totally failed to make any money from it. In the first quarter of 2016, Microsoft only managed to sell 15 million handsets.

The move, which has yet to be announced, will see half of the remaining Microsoft Mobile members getting the boot and the rest joining the Vole’s Surface team. , and rumours already permeate the media about a possible Surface Phone in tow.

For one thing, Microsoft owns the site For another, the company is aware that the handset market is consistent and diverse, with developing countries being a gold mine for affordable smartphone manufacturers.

The question is what would Foxconn want with a Nokia licence and would anyone buy a Nokia phone from the outfit? Wasting money on Nokia was one of the shy and retired former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s silliest ideas.