Microsoft survey says IBM is cloud supremo

IBM logoA survey of 2,000 enterprise cloud people commissioned by Microsoft has named IBM as the firm most likely to win cloud hosting projects.

The people surveyed were primarily from IT operations and administration around the world.

Eighteen percent of cloud projects were likely to be won by IBM, 11 percent would choose Microsoft and six percent would choose Amazon Web Services.

Amazon is the one to watch in this race to win cloud projects. It has come from nowhere to seriously threaten the old guard. It’s estimated it is turning overcools to $6 billion a year from its web services business.

The survey showed that 50 percent of current public cloud users are moving workloads to private clouds, and 52 percent will do so in the future. The reason for the move is primarily security.

Meanwhile, IBM also announced that it has opened a second cloud data centre in the Netherlands, just outside Amsterdam.