Microsoft sued over Bing patents

A company called AlmondNet has filed a law suit against Microsoft alleging the software giant has infringed three patents related to advertising incorporated in Bing.

The case, filed in a Wisconsin district court at the end of last week, claims that Microsoft has infringed US patents 6,973,436; 7,072,853; and 7,454,364.

The patents were issued between 2005 and 2008 – all have the title Method for Transacting an Advertisement Transfer.

The writ says that AlmondNet’s Roy Shkedi and Michael Benedek met Microsoft executives Joe Doran, Jen Dorre and Eric Hadley to show them AlmondNet’s Post-Search technology. The meeting, and subsequent meetings, were to discuss the possibility of Microsoft licensing the technology, the suit claims.

But Microsoft never took a licence out on the AlmondNet IP and the writ alleges that Microsoft infringes the patents offered through adCenter and other advertising services.

AlmondNet is seeking an injunction and damages because of what it alleges is Microsoft’s wilful infringement of the patents.