Microsoft staff suffering from deep depression

Word from Redmond is that staff are not happy bunnies.

The “anonymous” Microsoft blogger “Mini Microsoft”  claims that the demise of Kin and talk of more layoffs is causing the ‘Softies to get mightly miffed.

A billion dollars wasted on Kin, 500 phones sold and a huge amount of ground lost in the mobile space.

“Everything I hear about Windows Phone is negative. Leadership is shrugging its shoulders like this disaster is no big deal,” he said. Meanwhile rumours are that Enterprise Agreement renewals continue to trend downward, and at an alarming rate. 

The Department of Defense which has practically had a blank cheque for Microsoft is not buying either. 

Microsoft staff are losing faith in the senior leadership, but no one can see how any new leader could step in and make the hard choices and forge a new, urgently needed direction.

Some staff hope that Bill Gates will come back, but there are fears that even a move like that would not be enough. If another recession takes hold, company stock is going to go down the loo, but “the leadership team also shrugs this off as if it isn’t a major issue”.

Apparently the Danger team who were involved in the Kin project could not believe that they had ended up working in such a “a screwed up place”. 

They took long lunches, sat in conference rooms and went on coffee breaks and the conversations always went something like this…”Can you believe that they want us to do this?”

Another anon comment from an ex staffer said that he left Microsoft about four months ago to go to a hardware/services vendor that deals with actually solving customer problems rather than dealing with internal politics. 

There are too many GMs, Directors, Senior Directors, etc that either should not be in those positions or just cause chaos to undermine efforts that could potentially eliminate their jobs, the blogger moaned.