Microsoft Security Essentials slips at start in anti-virus wars

When Microsoft Security Essentials came along, it was pretty good given that it was free, however, new comparative testing is ranking it little better than a chocolate teapot.

AV-Test GmbH has posted its first quarter testing of 22 AV software, and Security Essentials nearly didn’t qualify as a worthy product.

To pass the test you need to get 11 points and Security Essentials posted 11.5.

Where Security Essentials came unstuck was that it could not tell a zero day flaw from a badger in a line up. In other words it was not particularly intelligent at predicting what might be a threat.

On average the rivals could tell that a Zero day flaw existed 84 percent of the time.  Security Essentials only managed the task half the time.

Security Essentials also only managed to block 45 percent of dodgy code after it was running.

Security Essentials’ lack of Web and email scanners might have had something to do with the software’s poor performance, but then it is free.

BitDefender: Internet Security Suite 2011 was the best with a near perfect score.

Kaspersky: Internet Security 2011 did not do too badly either with 98 percent detection and 100 percent on blocking score. We would feel a bit better about this test if the outfit could manage to protect its own website from hackers, but it is a good figure.

PC Tools did better than Security Essentials, scoring 100 percent on detection and blocking.

It scored lower than Security Essentials and failed to get enough points for certification, so it does win the chocolate teapot award.