Microsoft security blocks adware by default

Software giant Microsoft has announced that from July 1 it will immediately stop any adware  detected and notify the user, who can then restore the program if they wish.

At the moment, when any of Microsoft’s security detects a program as adware, it will alert the user and offer them a recommended action. If the user does not do anything, the security product will let the program continue to run until the user makes a decision.

The reason Microsoft has chosen a “July 1, 2014″ deadline is because it wants to give developers three months to comply with its new rules.

Microsoft said that it will consider a program adware when it runs on the user’s machine and produces notifications promoting goods or services in programs other than itself. If the program shows advertisements within its own borders it will not be assessed any further.

It will also be acceptable if software uses advertising as a form of payment for the program. What Vole is going for is software that interferes with Windows without giving them choice and control over it.

Adverts that are opened by these programs must include a way to close the ad as well as the name of the program that created the ad. At the same time, the program that creates these advertisements must provide a standard uninstall method for the program using the same name as shown in the ads it produces.