Microsoft rains on Google's cloud

Software empire Microsoft has been telling the world+dog that Google’s cloud technology is not up to scratch.

Microsoft’s Senior Director of Online Services Tom Rizzo, senior director of Microsoft Online Services, has been jolly blunt about Google’s faults.

According to PC Mag, Rizzo said that Microsoft was leaps and bounds ahead of Google. His main theme is that Google’s Office and Sharepoint equivalents are not up to scratch. So the Cloud might be ok, but once you get there, you don’t have much to do.

The Imperium has its fish-hooks in the enterprise, where Google is just dipping its toes in that particular pond, Rizzo claimed.

He said that Microsoft had a number of customers who went and either looked at Google, or even went with Google, who came back to us because they couldn’t get the level of support and IT management that they wanted.

Google is also lacking in support and partners withother technology companies. They don’t have a lot of add-on stuff or partners who will come in and help.

Rizzo could not resist a dig at Google’s privacy policies. He said if you take a look at its policies around privacy, the majority of users are on the free version of Google Apps.

This means that you get served ads and they are scanning your data to serve you them. No terms of privacy when you sign up for Google Apps.

Google customers have bought so many add-ons to reach functionality that the cost savings they thought they were making don’t pan out.

While Google talks about costing $50 per user per year,  that is  not the reality with a lot of customers, Microsoft alleges. Sheesh.