Microsoft quits CES

Software giant Microsoft says the next Consumer Electronics Show will be the last one where it delivers a keynote address and has a booth.

The event in Las Vegas each January is huge and the Vole has always delivered the keynote. In the good old days it used to be the pronouncement from the throne by King William Gates the III and now it is the miming performance artist Steve Ballmer.

According to Geekwire, Redmond will still have a booth for 2012 and Ballmer will deliver the keynote on 9 January but Microsoft has had enough.

While it will still go to the show to meet with others in the industry, a Volish spokesperson said that January is the wrong time of year for such a show.

Microsoft releases its products later in the year and January does not fit.

Apple doesn’t participate in the Consumer Electronics Show, and several years ago it pulled out of the Macworld Expo because it was run at the wrong time of year.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which runs CES, said that the event is still widely recognised as the world’s best stage for technology debuts, and it is fairly easy to find someone who will act as a good headliner. After all, it is Vegas – while it will be disappointing not to see Ballmer do his Belly Savalas, Larry Ellison can do his ventriloquism act, Sergey Brin can do his tap dancing and we are told that Mark Hurd has good connections with various showgirls.

While Vole will not request the Central Hall exhibit space that it has used in past years, there are shedloads of others who will want it and the space will be sold in a couple of hours.