Microsoft plays a game with Google fears

Microsoft is running an anti-Google marketing campaign where you can buy products which slag off the search engine outfit.

For a year Vole has been running a year-long anti-Google Scroogled campaign highlighting what it sees as the Mountain View company’s various dodgy practices and underhand use of user data.

Its latest trick is to sell off Scroogled word-cloud T-shirts with “Scroogled synonyms” like sold out, fleeced, scammed, conned, cheated, fooled, double-crossed, defrauded, hoodwinked, swindled, and duped. There is also the “Keep calm while we steal your data” mugs, to “Step into our Web” shirts.

Vole’s idea was to promote Bing by bashing Google’s practice of “selling their shopping search results to a high bidder”.

Of course Google fans can point out that the US Federal Trade Commission ordered Google and Bing to distinguish between search results and ads better on their webpages. This suggests that Google and Bing are as bad as each other.

But Vole is not just going after Google, it released a video poking fun at the iPhone 5S. Apple fanboys complained that it was poor taste because their iConnic savour had not risen from the dead yet.

Fox News  is now asking its viewers if Microsoft should abandon the campaign because it is not funny. We would have thought if things should be abandoned because they are not funny, the first to go should be Fox News.