Microsoft pays out $200 million for patent infringement

Microsoft has been getting itself in a further spot of patent bother, just a week after its defeat against i4i, this time losing out to maker of realtime communications security technology VirnetX Holding Corp.

VirnetX alleged back in a February 2007 lawsuit that Microsoft nicked two of its US patents, including virtual private network technology in Microsoft’s Windows and Office communication server products. As is the way with Microsoft, it requested a re-examination late last year, December 2009.

A jury suggested that Microsoft pay out $105.8 million for infringing on the private network VirnetX technology March of this year. However, VirnetX went a step further in the same month and alleged infringement of the patents in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Now it seems that Microsoft is being ordered to dole out the dosh as a settlement to VirnetX. VirnetX’s shares hit 22 percent premarket to $7.49 – meaning stock in the company has doubled this year.