Microsoft partners up to get 3D printing into Windows 10

Tigre-3DSoftware giant Microsoft is making Windows 10 capable of running a 3D printer and it is leaning on its software partners to provide the goods.

Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft vice president of developer and platform evangelism, has been showing off new 3D printing features in Windows 10. Autodesk Spark is apparently being integrated under the bonnet.

The integration with Autodesk is part of a new consortium between Microsoft, HP, Shapeways, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Netfabb, and SLM Solutions. The collaboration is an attempt to stem issues related to interoperability so that designers can focus on creation.

In the future, designers and engineers could create 3D models with Fusion 360, for example, view those models with HoloLens and then prep them for printing on Spark-compatible printers — an  easy workflow.

Spark is a platform for building 3D printing software, hardware, materials, and services. Adding it to Windows 10 is a big win for Autodesk.

Windows 8.1 has supported 3D printing since August 2013. Microsoft wants to make sure that Windows 10 is the platform developers will want to use when they build in 3D.