Microsoft nicks HP's Rahul Sood for gaming

Microsoft has got one over on HP.  Word is Redmond has poached Rahul Sood, founder of Voodoo PC, to head up the System Experience arm of its Interactive Entertainment Business.  

Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement and Sood isn’t giving much away, telling fans on his blog that he’ll be working on “really… really…. really cool stuff come January 2011.”

Sood was the founder of Canadian gaming PC specialist Voodoo PC, which was scooped up by HP in 2006. He has worked with HP since as the company’s chief technology officer of its gaming business

Sood hasn’t always been a fan of Microsoft – claiming that a cross-platform gaming project was killed by the company because mouse and keyboard-equipped PC gamers meant that ‘the console players got destroyed every time.”

He has also moaned about Halo 2 on the PC and accused Microsoft for having the  “worst use of high performance hardware….in years.”

Perhaps Microsoft agrees.