Microsoft manager charged with rape

A former programming manager at Microsoft was accused of raping a female cleaner on the Redmond campus.

According to the Seattle Times, Vineet Kumar Srivastava, 36, has been arrested and charged with second degree rape.

Police say that the attack took place on July 22 in Building 27 on Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus.

Srivastava, 36, is accused of luring the 32 year-old victim into his office. He allegedly showed her a pornographic video on his mobile phone.

When the janitor pushed him away and attempted to flee, Srivastava allegedly demanded that the janitor perform oral sex, saying his wife was in India. According to prosecutors, he then raped her.

The victim reported the alleged rape to her supervisor at the contractor that Microsoft uses for its cleaners, called ABM. The supervisor reportedly dismissed her allegations and failed to contact police. Another ABM manager called the police a day later.

Police interviewed the 32-year-old victim, noting that her shoulders bore finger-shaped bruises consistent with a sexual assault. She identified Srivastava as the man who had raped her from a photographic line-up.

Srivastava was interviewed and insisted that he was the victim, claiming that the female custodian forced him to have sex with her.

Microsoft said that Srivastava was no longer employed by the company.