Microsoft launches messaging system

138176Software king of the world, Microsoft has launched its own messaging system for businesses.

Dubbed Microsoft Teams the product will be in direct competition with fast-growing startup Slack and Facebook’s Workplace product.

It will all be part of Vole’s cloudy Office 365 services which has more than 85 million monthly active commercial users.

Slack has sign ups from CBS, BuzzFeed, universities and the US government, had 4 million daily active users in October so if Microsoft can use its Office base effectively then Teams might clean the outfit’s clock.

Slack took out a full-page ad in the New York Times on Wednesday, addressing the entry of Microsoft Teams saying that it was “genuinely excited to have some competition.” Clearly it did not consider Facebook’s effort as competition.

Microsoft said a preview of Teams will be available to Office 365 commercial customers with enterprise or business plans.