Microsoft integrates rival Salesforce Apps

Software giant Microsoft appears not to be too enthusiastic about writing its own cloud software.

Vole plans to integrate rival Salesforce apps into its Windows and online Office platforms as part of the company’s drive to make the company more cloud-computing friendly.

Salesforce’s customer-management apps will be available on Windows desktop PCs, tablets and mobile devices, while Salesforce users will be able to access Microsoft Office content such as Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

The pair will also allow for fuller data integration features although it is not clear who has paid for what in the deal.

The collaboration is the latest sign that Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s is intent on forcing Microsoft to work with companies that have a better hold on mobile customers. The new approach, which Nadella calls “mobile first, cloud first”.

Salesforce has been a pioneer in cloud software, Microsoft moved a little slowly to the cloud-based, subscription software model.

The announcement is also a change of heart for Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Benioff was a big fan of Apple and has parroted the anti-Microsoft angle for a long time. Vole is a direct competitor of with its Microsoft Dynamics suite of business tools.