Microsoft India cleared of hosting obscene content on its sites

Microsoft India has been spared the hand of the law after the Delhi High court threw out charges that the company was hosting objectionable content on its site.

The company was originally hauled in front of the legal lords following claims that internet companies in India were failing to screen objectionable content from their sites.

However, it was given the OK by Justice Suresh Kait, who accepted that this had not been done purposely by the company and that no defamatory material was posted on Microsoft’s websites.

Microsoft’s Indian arm went running to the court and challenged the criminal proceedings that complainant Vinaj Rai had filed against it.

He claimed that Microsoft, along with 21 other sites including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and YouTube ,should all be investigated for  hosting “obscene and derogatory content” on their sites.

This included obscene pictures and uncomplimentary articles relating to Hindu deities, Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ.

However, Microsoft claimed that it was not providing any platform to people to interact with each other and post or publish their views and only engaging in development and sale of software and computing ideas.

However, there could be trouble ahead with the court also inviting Mr Rai to go back to them and file a fresh complaint if he finds “any credible piece of evidence” against the company.