Microsoft, Google, Yahoo hit with “cheese of the month” lawsuit

A case started in a California district court alleging that Microsoft, Google and a clutch of other companies have breached a man’s trademark on cheese.

Anshu Pathak started legal action against ICG America, 24 Seven Enterprises, the City of Sparks, C&H Clubs USA, Harry and David Inc, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

Pathak’s case centres around the claim that he owns a trademark called “Cheese of the Month Club” and the defendants above have infringed his trademark. He said that he mailed cease and desist letters to the defendants in October 2010.

His allegation is that the defendants infringed his “Cheese of the Month Club” trademark by accepting bids for keywords. In addition to this trademark he claims he owns British Cheese of the Month Club, Swiss Cheese of the Month Club, Mini International Cheese of the Month Club, and multiple other such cheesy titles including Kosher Cheese of the Month Club and European Cheese of the Month Club. He’s been a-cheesing since 1999.

He has already settled a trademark infringement on cheese with a company called Nextstep Inc, the filing said. He alleges that CHCUSA, 24, Sparks and USA are involved in a major illegal supply of beer and wine business. He also alleges some of the companies are failing to collect sales tax.

What does he want? He wants damages, damages and more damages. All Ben Gunn wanted in Treasure Island was just a little bit of cheese.

If you do a Google search on Cheese of the Month Club it reveals there are a whole lot of other people he could add to alleged infringers.  Pathak’s cheesy pages are here.