Microsoft, Google attack Apple in Europe

Microsoft and Google lawyers are hoping to make Apple sauce out of Jobs’ Mob’s trademark of the word App Store, in the EU.

The fruity cargo cult has trademarked the name in the EU in a bid to stop Android and Windows Phone 7 from forming App Stores. Jobs’ Mob’s logic is that Apple owns the idea of “App” because it is similar to Apple.

However it seems that the rest of the IT industry thinks that is a bad idea. Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson have asked the EU authorities to declare the trademark invalid.

The authority in this case is the Community Trade Mark office in Europe. Amazon already filed a similar complaint in Europe against Apple’s efforts in mid-April.

The argument is that the phrases “App Store” and “Appstore” are too generic.

A Microsoft spinner said that the action against Jobs’ Mob demonstrates the extent of opposition to Apple’s unsupportable claim of exclusivity.

He said in a statement that App store, is like a ‘toy store’ or ‘book store’ and is a generic term that should continue to be available for everyone to use for stores that sell apps.”

If Apple CEO Steve Jobs thought there was any validity to his case, he would not have referred to competing applications markets on another phone platform, such as Google’s Android, as “App Stores.” Shopify, Sendmail, and DirectTV also use the term.

Vole has been trying a similar effort in the US and Apple sued Amazon over its use of the “Appstore” in the title of its mobile application store for Android devices.

Apple insists that Apple fanboys could be easily confused as they could show up at the Amazon see the word App Store and think they were in Jobs’s Mob’s Walled Garden of Delights and spend money on products that should have gone to Steve’s bank account.

Apple’s customers are easily confused apparently. Why else would they pay over the odds for an iPhone 4 which needs a rubber band to work or a keyboardless netbook?