Microsoft gives £28 million to Nokia and Samsung

Microsoft’s shy and retiring CEO Steve “there’s a kind of hush” Ballmer has scribbled his name on the bottom of a £28 million cheque to Nokia and Samsung.

The cunning plan is that the pair will use the money to push their Windows Mobile based products.

According to MobileToday, most of the cash will be allocated to Vole’s latest ally on the mobile front, Nokia.

The Finnish former rubber boot maker will get £20m of Volish cash to promote the launch of the first Nokia smartphone to run on Microsoft’s latest Windows 7.5 (Mango) operating system. The company is expected to launch the device later this month.

The money was part of a wider cunning plan between Nokia and Microsoft to work together on joint marketing initiatives and future Windows Phone portfolios. Samsung has signed up to a similar deal.

Word on the street is that Nokia has asked its ad agencies to come up with an integrated campaign to showcase its Mango-powered smartphone. We can expect to see an emphasis on its social media features, apps and games.

A deep throat inside the Redmond Vole hill said that Microsoft wants its name across every single media. The reason is that it is the last roll of the dice for Microsoft and it has to go in “big, bad and boldly” which is what Ballmer does best really.

Samsung is also due to unveil a major Christmas ad push for the Omnia W with an estimated £8m spend. Its adverts will shout about on its ‘multimedia for everyone.”