Microsoft gets all religious about Apple

There’s a very very funny story in the Wall Street Journal about people at Redmond that use the enemy phone, that is to say the Apple iPhone.

We all know that Steve Ballmer, the CEO, threw a strop the other week when he spotted someone using an iPhone on the iCampus and pretended to stamp on it.

Steve doesn’t use an iPhone. He probably doesn’t use an Android phone either. Maybe he uses a CrackBerry, which at least has the benefit of ctrl-alt-del if you can’t get the battery out.

According to Nick Wingfield’s article on the Journal, 10,000 iPhone’s were linked to Microsoft’s email system in 2009.

At an evangelical in-house meeting last year, there was debate about whether Microsoft voles should use iPhones or not, it seems.

Opinions were divided.

It reminds me of when HP tried to insist its employees never turn up at customer sites with anything other than HP notebooks.

It also reminds me of the Olympic nazis who are apparently going to confiscate your Burger King and your Pepsi Cola if you turn up at the games in London, 2012.

Apple people, apparently, all use iPhones. Officially, anyroadmap. It’s a cult.