Microsoft fails to respond to Xbox expired card payment snafu

Microsoft has failed to respond to queries about taking money from expired cards.  In fact, we’d go so far to say that it’s just chasing its own tail.

We contacted the company earlier this week while investigating claims from XBox Live subscribers. They said Microsoft was taking funds from expired cards as well as taking money from their accounts despite cancelled subscriptions.

Calls at the time of going to press were fruitless. 

We were told by a spokesperson that a statement had been ready since Monday but obviously crossed wires meant that no one had sent it to us. We were promised a response would be hitting our inbox shortly.

Microsoft U-turned. The team had been “mistaken” and Microsoft still has no response. 

This sort of corporate bumbling prompts questions about customer service: we can understand exactly why Microsoft could make a mess of payments. We fear that our readers, including Andrew Davey – who noticed that despite having a Gold subscription with Microsoft he was still being charged £5.99 for a previous account under a different email address on an expired card – may not get their problems sorted any time soon.

*Update Microsoft has responded to the problem. A spokesperson tells TechEye: “Xbox LIVE cares about the experience of our customers.  To this end, we tell customers in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace that their Xbox LIVE subscription purchased with a credit card will automatically renew until cancelled by the customer.

“When the time comes to renew the Xbox LIVE subscription, Microsoft will attempt to collect payment from the customer’s bank using the payment method(s) provided by the customer. If the customer’s bank accepts the charge, the subscription is renewed.

“If the bank declines the charge, the customer will receive an email from Microsoft explaining that they need to update or add a new payment method to their account. Customers may visit Xbox LIVE at any time to ensure their credit card details are up to date on their Xbox LIVE account.

“Customers who wish to cancel their Xbox LIVE subscription may do so at any time by calling Xbox Support.  We will continue to monitor this situation and may have further information going forward.”