Microsoft does some more management shuffling

The shy and retiring Microsoft executive Steve “there’s a kind of hush” Ballmer only just left the building, but someone is already reshuffling his staff.

New broom Satya Nadella has been playing musical chairs at the Volehill.

Tony Bates and Tami Reller, will leave the company while a former Clinton family aide Mark Penn will become its chief strategy officer.

Penn will get a bigger hand in determining which markets Microsoft should be in and where it should be making further investments.

In the Ballmer days, Penn was an executive vice president at Microsoft overseeing advertising and strategy.

Bates is the former Skype CEO who was in charge of Microsoft’s business development, will leave immediately. He was our favourite as a potential CEO candidate to succeed Steve Ballmer because we planned to call him Master Bates throughout his term of office. No word about what his cunning plan is.

Eric Rudder who had the appropriate title of “head of advanced strategy,” will temporarily take up Bates’ duties and marketing executive Chris Capossela will replace Reller, the report said.

Reller, one of the few female executives at the company and co-head of Microsoft’s Windows unit, will remain with the company for some time to help with the transition.

The plans were leaked by loyal staff at the Redmond Vole Hill. Nadella told staff of the changes on Friday and the company plans to announce them publicly on Tuesday.