Microsoft creates its own FreeBSD image

microsoft-open-sourceSoftware giant Microsoft has made its own version FreeBSD 10.3 image so that the Open Saucy OS is available and supported in Azure.

Jason Anderson, principal PM manager at Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Centre says Redmond “took on the work of building, testing, releasing and maintaining the image” so it could “ensure our customers have an enterprise SLA for their FreeBSD VMs running in Azure”.

Vole said that it did it to remove that burden from the FreeBSD Foundation, which relies on community contributions.

Microsoft said that its work on FreeBSD will be shared.

“The majority of the investments we make at the kernel level to enable network and storage performance were up-streamed into the FreeBSD 10.3 release, so anyone who downloads a FreeBSD 10.3 image from the FreeBSD Foundation will get those investments from Microsoft built in to the OS,” he said.

Anderson added that Vole would stay current and make the latest releases available shortly after the FreeBSD Release Engineering team releases them.

“We are continuing to make investments to further tune performance on storage, as well as adding new Hyper-V features.”

It will also support its distribution when it is run in Azure.

Apparently, Microsoft has worked out that software vendors use FreeBSD as the OS for software appliances. This was Microsoft’s 2012 decision to ensure FreeBSD could run as a guest OS under Hyper-V.  However, Vole thought it was better to have something more predictable for Azure.

This is not the same Microsoft from the 1980s and things have improved greatly. Unless you don’t want to download Windows 10 of course. Then it really is evil as it ever was.