Microsoft close to rolling into China

Software giant Microsoft is close to inking a deal with the Chinese outfit Baidu which would mean that Bing would take over Baidu’s English language site.

Baidu is the Google of China and Vole wants to forge a few links in the ever growing Chinese market.

No one is talking publicly about the deal, but there are enough people leaking details  for it to be considered more than an industry rumour.

It appears that Baidu will take over the paid advertising on Vole’s Chinese site, while Bing results will be used for Baidu’s English language site.

It all makes sense. Google is not exactly the flavour of the month with China ever since it claimed that it had been hacked by the Chinese government.

While the row was going on, Microsoft was curiously silent, even while its rival was being stoutly defended by Western governments.

However Microsoft’s involvement with the Chinese might get it into a lot of trouble at home, particularly as there are those who remain concerned about Western outfits selling out any ideas about human rights for a quick buck.