Microsoft builds Bangalore R&D centre

Microsoft is continuing to make railroads in India.

MSFT has announced a new R&D centre which sits in the middle of Bangalore’s business district.

The new giant building, according to Microsoft, will house Bangalore Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) staff, who will beaver away at the company’s adCenter technologies, as well as the researchers from Microsoft Research India.

Microsoft, of course, has had its eye on India for a while. It built its first R&D centre in Hyderabad in 1998, later establishing Microsoft Research India in 2005.

Redmond describes India as a key player in its overall strategy. It said that’s because of the “talent, advanced infrastructure and proximity to the booming emerging markets.” What this means is loyal, smart workers at a relatively low cost and the opportunity to make a heck of a lot of money.

In April, Microsoft splashed cash on its engineering projects in India, teaming up with Yahoo for what it calls a Search alliance. 

The Yahoo/Microsoft team will continue work on the search project at the new centre in Bangalore.