Microsoft building attacked in Athens

Software giant Microsoft appears to have been targeted by angry Greeks armed with Molotov cocktails.

According to the Washington Post, it appears that the attackers drove a van through the front doors and set off an incendiary device that burned the building entrance.

Greek authorities said that there were no reports of injuries as the attack happened before dawn, so all the little Voles were tucked up in their beds at home.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Coppers said no warning call had been made before the attack and at this point it could be anyone ranging from a small armed anarchist cell, or a miffed Vista user.

Groups that carry out these sort of attacks typically target official buildings, banks, or symbols of state power with small bombs or incendiary devices. Since they want to make a statement rather than hurt anyone, the attacks usually occur late at night and rarely cause injuries.

They forced the two security guards at the building to leave before they reversed the van into the front entrance, smashing the door.

They then triggered an incendiary device inside the van that police said appeared to have consisted of camping gas canisters and several containers of petrol.