Microsoft board plots revolt against Gates

A small group of Microsoft directors is planning a coup against the company founder Bill Gates in what looks like a reprise of the god-awful flick Valkyrie.

Three unnamed members of Microsoft’s board have been identified by press as being concerned that chairman Gates is not forward-thinking enough anymore and Vole will lose the war if he is not removed.

According to the Guardian, the investors own more shares than Gate’s five percent  and they think Vole has become too big for Gates to handle.

It is believed that they are the ones who agitated for the removal of the shy and retiring Steve Ballmer.

They want to see someone like Alan Mulally who is the current CEO of Ford in charge at Vole, while others have thought that Stephen Elop, the chief executive of Nokia might be a good starter.

The feeling is that Gates is not creative enough to take Microsoft into a new generation of computing. Normally he would have enough power within the company to tell the three board members to go forth and multiply, but he has been gradually selling his shares in the company and is projected to no longer have stock in another four years.

So while operation Valkyrie ended up with Tom Cruise shot by a firing squad, the three board members will eventually win. It is just a matter of time before they have enough power to send Gates to rescue more Africans from life threatening illnesses.