Microsoft blamed for falling RAM prices

Samsung DRAMSoftware giant Microsoft giving Windows 10 away for free is being blamed for the slump in RAM prices.

You can pick up a DDR3 module for an average $18.50 per 4GB and prices appear to be headed downwards.

Many DRAM makers are blaming Microsoft. Normally when a new operating system is released, it normally drives a big upsurge in new system buys and upgrades. But Windows 10, like every operating system release since Windows 7 has not needed new hardware. Vole released it for free so people just installed it on their existing machines.

DRAMexchange’s Avril Wu said that notebook shipments in the third quarter fell short of what is expected for a traditional peak season mainly because Windows 10 with its free upgrade plan negatively impacted replaced sales of notebooks to some extent rather than driving the demand for these products.

That would be fine if was just Windows-based systems that haven’t been selling as well. Smartphones and server shipments are predicted to tumble over the next year too.

This will mean more price cuts which will make it difficult for anyone to make much cash from making RAM.

SK Hynix, Micron and Samsung are hoping that the move to 18nm standards sooner will give them some margins to play with.