Microsoft beats up Google over antitrust affairs

A Microsoft senior lawyer launched an astonishing attack on Google late yesterday.

What’s astonishing about it is that Microsoft is a convicted monopolist but has turned itself into a whited sepulchre and put itself on the side of the underdog.

Dave Heiner, in a bog posting, said that complaints in competition law cases usually come from competitors. When Eric Schmidt, now CEO at Google, was CEO of Novell that company didn’t hesitate to complain about Microsoft, he said. And Google “hasn’t been shy about raising antitrust concerns about Microsoft in the last few years”.

In its own conversations with regulatory authorities, Microsoft had been asked about Google. Google, said Heiner, controlled search and online advertising. Google’s business practices “lock in publishers and advertisers” and make it harder for Microsoft to gain search volume”.

Heiner said that Microsoft was also concerned about Googles book search plan. And, he said, the European Commission is investigating Google for “retaliation, exclusivity and manipulation of search results to disadvantage rivals”.

That would be the three Microsoft affiliates that made the complaints, Mr Heiner, right?